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Ziran Chen JuniorComputer Science and Mathematics Webmaster

I joined the arts showcase committee because it is a great opportunity to arise the awareness of creativity and art on campus. For many reasons, Emory Arts Showcase did not happen last year. This year, I am here to make up for the absence of a website for the event.

Creativity is the main source of change and diversity. It does not only associate with arts, but also with all fields of study. For a programmer like myself, creativity is always in the leading role of my products.

I'm not currently a part of any art groups on campus, but I am involved in theater acting and photography on my spare time.

Stella Fagbemi FreshmanNeuroscience & Behavioral Biology Event Planner

This year brings the revival of the Emory Arts Showcase and being a part of the planning makes it all the more special. Creativity brings about new ideas and change for the better and in combination with the excitement and life brought by art, their forces will be immeasurable.

Stephen Fowler FreshmanMusic & Business Major Marketing Director

Emory is known for its academic as well as cultural diversity. The idea of an arts showcase on campus is a perfect opportunity to highlight how creativity and the arts are an integral part of that diversity, as well as showcase the talents of its students.

To me, creativity is the simplest form of self-expression. There is no right or wrong, no box to fit into, just the artist and their ideas. The next big idea in the world will come from being creative.

I play in the Emory Wind Ensemble, Emory Symphony Orchestra, and both the Dooley Brass Quintet and Lullwater Brass Quintet.

Lauren M. Henrickson SeniorLinguistics & Religion Double Major Event Coordinater

I knew that when the Arts Showcase did not occur last year, I wanted to be a part of bringing it back to campus. It is a vibrant event that reveals the breadth of artistic talent that Emory students have to share. I am looking forward to seeing what this spring's showcase will reveal about the artistry of our current community!

Creativity is the lifeblood of art, and I don't think communities can thrive without some kind of artistic expression. I am thankful that Emory has such incredible artistic diversity, and that our institution values the dialgoue surrounding the importance of creativity for an ethically-engaged institution.

I am involved in lots of singing on our campus, as a member of Dooley Noted A Cappella and Emory's Concert Choir!

Hyeok Hweon (Kevin) Kang SeniorHistory & Music Facilitator

Having participated in the Emory Arts Showcase two years ago, I was keen on reviving the event this year, particularly in the aftermath of the Emory Cuts on the arts.

Living creatively feeds the human soul and art is a noble form of creative expression.

I'm a singer in AHANA A Capella and Emory Concert Choir and a member of the Chinese Music Ensemble.

Yamini Kumawat FreshmanInternational Studies Publicity Coordinator

I have joined the Arts Showcase Committee to understand what it takes to be behind-the-scenes in the planning of a large-scale, campus-wide event such this. I sincerely believe that creativity and the arts serve as outlets for an individual's sentiments, beliefs, and thoughts. Creativity and the arts assist the individual by giving them a medium through which to express themselves. If we cannot rely on the convenience of words to communicate our desires, we can attempt to be fluent with the colors and materials we are able to gather from our environments. Inspiring students in the Emory community to "re.imagine" and "re.create" the arts in this showcase carries exactly the same artistic philosophy that I firmly hold to be true.

I, myself, have been involved in abstract art and photography for the majority of my life.

Byron Liu Class of 2012Psychology and Computer Science Advisor

I joined the showcase committee because I believe that the creativity and inspiration involved is an often overlooked part of students' time here at Emory.

Creativity and art are important because they help us discover ourselves and be more in touch with who or what we are and want.

I haven't really been involved in the arts before this point, but I am excited about this opportunity.

Nysa Loudon FreshmanMajor Undeclared Assistant to Randy Fullerton

Creativity and art are always important. They make the world a more interesting place and no matter what field of study you are in, they can enhance your experience.

I'm involved in the theater community at Emory. I was just recently in the Theater Emory show Grim, Grimmer, and Grimmest and look forward to being in or being involved with more productions in the future.

Bryce Robertson FreshmanBusiness & Economics Judging Coordinator

I joined the showcase committee not only to get more involved on campus, but to make sure that the arts don't get lost on those who aren't directly involved (i.e. pursuing a major or in the orchestra). Growing up in a suburb of Chicago, the arts have always been an integral part of my life. I'm a big fan of all sorts of music as well as modern art. In fact, my desk's contents (when clean) consist of a calendar from New York's Museum of Modern Art as well as a pair of noise-canceling headphones so I can always have music in the background when I work. The arts bring a unique benefit to each and every person who consumes them, which is one of the reasons that the arts, in some form or another, should be in everyone's lives. While I do not directly participate in campus arts, I try to go to as many arts events as I can.

Brooke Thyng SeniorAnthropology human biology major Event Planner

I'm helping with planning and development. I'm passionate about brining art to the people and jumped at the opportunity to help bring new life back to this amazing event. Creativity and art is important because it brings excitement and passion to life. I am the SRA of the creativity and innovation building. I also have taken many arts classes in the college. In addition to these things I also work at the ABV agency and gallery in the old fourth ward.


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