Categories and Prizes

re.Invent - "re.invent" embraces the ideas of creativity and innovation, particularly the concept of hybridity in the arts. Applicants are encouraged to mix genres and artistic disciplines to pioneer new, unexplored forms of art. "re.invent" entrants will be required to submit a YouTube link as part of their entry.

re.Create - Each re.create (Visual Arts) entrant will be required to submit a JPG file of their work as part of their entry.

re.Present - Each re.present (Performed Arts, including Music and Theatre) entrant will be required to submit a YouTube link or MP3 file (for music) as part of their entry.

The top three participants in each category will win prizes of $100, $50, and $25 respectively.

Submission Guidelines

Please abide by the following submission guidelines:

• All submissions must follow Emory Honor Code.

• Only one submission is allowed for each entrant.

• Each music and video piece must be less than 3 minutes in length, otherwise it will be discarded.

• No food/liquids of any kind (such as paint, water, alcohol, gasoline, etc.) will be permitted in the concert hall.

• Pyrotechnics and other fireworks/explosives are prohibited in the concert hall.

• There will be no time permitted for set/costume changes in a theater scene, and only small props no bigger than a suitcase will be allowed on stage.

• Participants will be provided with one basic lighting look but no interior cues, chairs and music stands, microphones and basic sound amplification, a stage manager and technical coordinator.

•  Accompanying audio tracks can be played, but video projections will not be allowed.

• The Schwartz Center Production Staff in collaboration with the Arts Showcase staff will determine if submissions are appropriate for the space.

Gallery Night Submission Guidelines

All submitted artwork should follow the following guidelines:

• The submitted work must fit through an ordinary "one-person" door and also fit inside of a 3' x 3' x 3' cube.

• If multiple photographs or other works make up your entry, then they must collectively form a 'display' (multiple loose works will not be accepted).

• The piece cannot be attached to existing walls and/or floor. The use of electrical connections is not guaranteed.

• The submitted piece must have a "display-life" of at least the period of time between 5:00 PM and 9:00 PM on January 18.

• Any artwork deemed inappropriate or dangerous will be denied.

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