Finalists for January 25th Gala Night

Visual Arts Finalists

Greed(51) - Camille Kim
Passionatus(32) - Daniel Lee
FIN(41) - Charlotte Watts
The Sound of Wrong(45) - Mehga Chiruvella
The Alpha(18) - Ashley Nicole Kirk
In Peace(11) - Morgan Bolick
Wander(30) - Grace Shin
Beneath the Universe(23) - Amanada Mui
Ambuancia Kukulcan(47) - Thomas Han
Take Care(2) - Tianjiao Chu

Performed Arts Finalists

All Fall Down - Harriet Zoe Louisa Yin
Anqi Wang - Anqi Wang's Pipa Piece
Sun Flower - Hao Feng
Recuerdos de la Alhambra - Bryant Chica
The Current - Paul Duc-Huy Nguyen
Lemon Tree(Chinese Version) - DouDou Song
Struggle & Triumph - Ruben Diaz
Moondance - Logan Miller

Welcome !

    We are pleased to announce that Campus Life in collaboration with the Emory College Center for Creativity & Arts will present the 2013 Emory Arts Showcase. To promote a sense of community and to increase the awareness of the arts, Emory Arts Showcase has traditionally offered the opportunity for students across campus to showcase their talents in the areas of music and visual arts. Regrettably, this event did not occur last year and many Emory students felt the gap that it left on our community.

    This year, students have taken the initiative to plan this event, with particular support from the first-year students in the Hamilton Holmes "Creativity and Innovation" Living-Learning Community. We plan to revive this event with new elements and assign the theme “re.Imagine: re.Invent re.Create re.Present” to inspire creativity. We hope this will forge new pathways to engage the audience by publicizing the event widely across campus. This year there will be three categories for entry to the Arts Showcase: Performed Arts ("re.Present"), Visual Arts ("re.Create"), and Hybrid Arts ("re.Invent").

    For more information of categories and submission guidelines, please click here.

    The Gallery Night for the visual arts section will be held on January 18, 2013(from 7:00 to 9:00 PM) at the Chace Upper Lobby in the Schwartz Center. The Gala Night for the Arts Showcase, during which all finalists present, will start at 8:00 PM on January 25, 2013.

    Please join us in celebrating the 2013 Emory Arts Showcase!



Emory Live

This year's showcase is sponsored by Emory Live, a new initiative brought to you by Campus Life. Emory Live seeks to connect Emory students with events around campus, the Dean of Campus Life, and each other through Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

Center Creative Arts

The CCA aims to make encounters with art and creativity cornerstones of the Emory experience. The CCA supports artistic and scholarly inquiry; explores familiar as well as innovative collaborations; encourages artistic experimentation, and frames the imaginative spark that ignites a creative campus

Hamilton Holmes Hall

Hamilton E. Holmes Hall is Emory University’s newest residence hall. Located in the freshman quad, Hamilton Holmes Hall focuses on themes of creativity, community, and innovation. As such, Holmes Hall is proud to be a sponsor of the Emory Student Arts Showcase.

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